Little Drops of Poetry

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Something says “Away”

Something says “Away” and I say yes. Soothing says something and I say.

So what a little wonder went astray

You are your nickel basket, you and your dime rhinoceros!

Get here, the wind calls it the wind, the fray calls it the fray

You and I can call it an evening day.


nickles are friendly buzzards on sideways the evening brow.
saintly misers basking and waiting, in a soluptude across the bend.
you and I call it a sunrise with marvels on the horizon bloomed.
sensing sweet nothings upon a moonray, wondering in a storm.

January 22, 2016 Poetry

From far, AE Housman


June 5, 2014 Poetry

Join the Poetry News Network


The Poetry News Network has launched on The Facebook! –
Very, very cool.

February 5, 2014 Poetry


take a poem
put it through google translate to any language, record result
take that and put it through to any other language, record result
put that through to the original language

look at all 4 and wonder


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March 10, 2013 Poetry

Subway Soundscape is Coming…

On Subway lines the speakers write,
With whispers in the air.
Listen to unfolding life
Arriving, you’re almost there.

towards Coursera – Digital Culture

February 4, 2013 Poetry



December 29, 2012 Poetry

Green Pills?

October 29, 2012 Poetry , , ,

What kind of Snake is that?

It’s the kind, that slides smooth silk.
Behind your neck, snap, bite, his ilk.
You ate the fruit, by your father’s blood,
From the seed does come the bud.
But snakes are teachers, regardless of sin.
True to their nature they’ve always been.

October 23, 2012 Poetry , , , , , ,

Eco Poem #2

Are not small crows
Smaller they are
With yellow
And a reddish tint to their coat
Starling birds
Are not small crows
But sometimes –
They might tell you they are so

October 18, 2012 Poetry