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Another little drop…

I’m a Poem, Scan Me

October 4, 2012 Poetry

Little Warren Buffett

A little green muppet Sat with Warren Buffett Drinking an herbal tea It was just right And showed me the light That, Now is the best way to be

September 30, 2012 Poetry

Hebrew Spiral in Poland

August 13, 2012 Poetry , ,

Boulder Song

The shadows speak of leaves To the concrete X’s and O’s The lullaby of bike tires In the painted morning

August 11, 2012 Poetry

Catch Me at My Best

July 25, 2012 Poetry

Wash the Hands

July 24, 2012 Poetry , ,

Watching the James Holmes Hearing in the Hotel Dining Room


Open the Doors of Perception

June 27, 2012 Poetry , ,

On the Wall Analog

June 5, 2012 Poetry ,

Alphabet Soup

I found it in the trash. This tasty alphabet sucotash. And my how this lettered stash, Would go beside my beans and mash For dinner, how long would it last? I’d want to eat it up so fast!

June 2, 2012 Poetry , ,